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At their most recent Board meeting, the Lee County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved a proclamation recognizing Black History Month throughout February 2024.
The proclamation reads as follows:
WHEREAS, each February we celebrate Black History Month in order to recognize the contributions of African Americans who developed the legacy of our local, state and national governments, as well as our communities; and
WHEREAS, Black History Month grew out of the establishment, in 1926, of Negro History Week by Carter G. Woodson and the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History celebrating the birthday of leading abolitionist, Frederick Douglas; and
WHEREAS, North Carolina cooperated in the early celebration through the state’s Department of Education and in 1976 President Gerald Ford recognized Black History Month as a national celebration in conjunction with the Nation’s Bicentennial; and
WHEREAS, Lee County celebrate the contributions of our early trailblazers such as A.L. “Link” Boykin, noted leader and building contractor and William B. Wicker, noted educator and community leader, to name a few; and
WHEREAS, Lee County cherishes the fact that our State’s Leadership includes Lt. Governor Mark Robinson and House Democratic Leader Robert T. Revives, II; and,
WHEREAS, our community recognizes the leadership of Sanford City Council members Mark Akinosho, James Williams, Byron Buckels, and Walter Ferguson, as well as those before them. The County includes the former Vice-Chair Ricky Frazier and current Board Member Robert Reives, Sr., not to forget the number of unnamed City and County employees who contribute their services to our citizens each and every day; and,
WHEREAS, Lee County recognizes the too numerous to name members of our County who contribute immensely to our economic, cultural, and spiritual development; and,
WHEREAS, the observance of Black History Month calls our community’s attention to the continued need to champion equality and to build a society the lives up to our nation’s ideals; and
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED that the Lee County Board of Commissioners proclaim February 2024 as Black History Month in Lee County, North Carolina and encourage its observance upon all citizens.
Presented this 22nd day of January, 2024.