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Lee County Planning Board

ESTABLISHMENT: Pursuant to NCGS Section 153A-321 and 160A-361, the County of Lee, Town of Broadway and City of Sanford shall each maintain a separate Planning Board. Within each jurisdiction, each respective Board shall execute all powers and duties as set forth in the North Carolina General Statutes and the Sanford/Lee County/Broadway Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).

POWERS AND DUTIES: Each Planning Board shall provide an advisory function to their respective Governing Body and assist in making decisions pertaining to amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and the UDO, and applications for development approval. In no event is the Board authorized to render a final decision approving, denying, or conditionally approving a change in the zoning ordinance, or to render a final decision on an application for development approval. The Board shall have the following powers and duties: the preparation of a comprehensive plan or other long-range planning document, prepare or cause to be prepared amendments to such plan and elements thereof and to submit the amendments to the Board of Commissioners, to initiate, hear, review and make recommendations to the Lee County Board of Commissioners on applications for amendments to the text of the UDO or the Official Zoning Map, to hear review and recommend approval or disapproval of applications for preliminary subdivision plat approval, and to adopt bylaws, policies, procedures and regulations for the conduct of its meetings, the consideration of applications for development approval, and for any other purposes deemed necessary for the functioning of the Board provided, however, that bylaws, policies, procedures, and regulations shall be consistent with the UDO before taking effect.

MEMBERSHIP AND APPOINTMENTS: The Lee County Planning Board consists of seven regular members and two alternates.

MEETING INFORMATION: The Lee County Planning Board shall meet on the third Monday of each month as needed at 6:00 p.m. in the Gordon Wicker Conference Room of the Lee County Government Center. If the item requires a public hearing to be held, the board will convene in the Lee County Commissioner's Chambers prior to moving to the conference room.

Contact Information:

Amy McNeill, Senior Planner, 919-718-4656, ext. 5397