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GIS Strategic Services

If You Can Visualize It, We Can Do It

GIS / Strategic Services performs responsible mapping, recording, and technical computer work to record, produce and update deed information, tax maps and all GIS layers for Lee County, the City of Sanford and Town of Broadway.

Located at 115 Chatham St, Sanford, NC  27330

Angela Wood, Director    awood@leecountync.gov   919.718.4663 x 5445
Renee Scott, Land Records Tech rscott@leecountync.gov   919.718.4663 x 5447
Gene Hathaway, GIS Specialist phathaway@leecountync.gov   919.718.4663 x 5446
Jeannatte Bowmer, GIS Specialist jbowmer@leecountync.gov 919.718.4663 x 5449
Carson Mann, GIS Specialist carson.mann@leecountync.gov    919.718.4663 x 5443 

  • Interactive MAPPING SITE      Access GIS through an interactive portal. View pictometry, query parcels, owners, water and sewer lines, elevation, flood plain, zoning, traffic counts, school boundaries, commissioner districts, council wards, annexation history, brownfield sites, voluntary agriculture districts, sidewalks, corporate limits, historic districts, census data, soils, mineral rights, oil & gas leases, 100 + layers.  
  • Download GIS Layers All data available for download is in ESRI Shapefile or link to Geoprocessing REST (Representational State Transfer) services available through posted link under each category. Metadata included.
  • Map Gallery Most frequently requested maps available in PDF. Includes Endor Greenway Trail, Lee Co commissioner districts, Sanford council wards, voter precincts, fire and zip codes.
  • Sales Data Sales in Microsoft EXCEL format January 2001 through March 2024. ESRI shape files for sales from January 2007 through April 2024. Plus, web mapping application for QUALIFIED SALES.
  • WEB MAPS Special web mapping applications for Elections, OT Sloan Park Concept Plan, Qualified Sales, Council Ward Address and Police Beats locators, and Emergency Management.

Contact Information

Strategic Services Director Angela Wood