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Soil & Water



Teresa Nicholson - tnicholson@leecountync.gov
Administrative Associate I
Hours:  8:00 am - 5:00 pm


The mission of the Lee Soil & Water Conservation District is to ensure a quality urban and rural environment through protection, restoration, and improvements of our soil, water, and related resources.


The District staff provides technical assistance for design, installation and implementation of Best management Practices to correct drainage issues, improve water quality and conserve natural resources on both agricultural lands and residential properties. Some examples of Best Management Practices (BMPs) include terraces, grassed waterways, heavy use areas, cropland conversion to grass/trees, pond repair and construction, as well as numerous other practices.

The District owns and maintains two no-till grain drills for rent to local residents. The drills are an excellent means for establishing vegetation without disturbing the soil surface. These drills are most often used to establish cover crops on pastures and cropland. For more information on drills or to reserve a drill contact the office.

Erosion control netting and geotextile cloth are also available from the District for sale. The netting is used to anchor the soil in place while vegetation is being established, especially on areas prone to erosion. The geotextile cloth provides a suitable surface to improve water quality, especially in livestock operations.


Lee County became part of the Upper Cape Fear Soil Conservation District on May 28, 1940 along with Harnett and Moore Counties. This multi county District was broken into three single county Districts in the early 1960’s. The Lee Soil and Water Conservation District was granted its charter on June 01, 1962 by the North Carolina Secretary of State. The District operates as a subdivision of state government under the provision of Soil Conservation District’s Law of North Carolina, General Statutes Chapter 139.

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Soil Conservationist Supervisor Shannon Briles