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Welcome Message

Dear Resident of Lee County,

Hello, and welcome to the website of your Office of Emergency Management. Lee County is a vibrant community, with numerous economic, cultural and social opportunities. However, our community is one that has various hazards to life and property. We, as a community, have a duty to do everything we can to prepare for potential emergencies, as well as implement programs and policies that will lessen the impact of disasters if they do occur. This duty involves everyone- beginning in the home, to the place of business, to government, to houses of worship, and finally, our very community culture. My overall goal is to create a “Culture of Preparedness” within Lee County.

I encourage each member of our community to explore this website to learn more about the hazards facing our area and how everyone might better prepare for what may lie ahead. Our office stands ready to respond to disasters and provide assistance and support of our emergency service partners. However, we rely on each resident to be prepared, stay informed, and get involved in emergency preparedness in Lee County, so that the emergency providers that serve you can most effectively do their jobs.

Make sure you have an emergency supply kit, with food, water, and medicine at minimum. Bedding, toiletries and products for special needs should be kept on hand in the event you must evacuate your home. If you require a special diet, please ensure that you bring shelf-stable/ non-perishable foods with you when you come to the shelter. You may find information on how to prepare by clicking the "back" button on your browser and click on the two links "Emergency Preparedness Information and Downloads" and "Hazard Specific Information".

Lee County offers emergency shelters, but those should be utilized only if no other option exists. Our shelters provide for the most basic of human needs, and you may find them to be crowded and uncomfortable. Trust that you will be more comfortable staying with those friends and family who do not live in a flood zone or a mobile home than staying in our emergency shelters. However, our shelters are safe and can be used if you have no other immediate option.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email this office at lcoes@leecountync.gov or (919) 718-4670. This is your emergency management program, and it is the goal of this department to provide you with the most accurate information possible and be responsive to your needs.


Lee County Emergency Services