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2022-2023 Bid Opportunities

4262-02R-23 Adult Probation HVAC Replacement
4262-03R-23 EMS Building Generator
4262-04-23 Ambulance Parking Lot Rehabilitation
4262-05-23 Bob Hales Roof Replacement
4262-06-23 Mental Health Roof Repair
4310-01R-23 Sheriff Deputy Uniforms
4320-01-23 Commercial Washer & Dryer
4371-01-23 Night Vision Goggles
4371-02-23 Night Vision Goggles #2
4710-01R-23 Vegetative Waste Grinding Services
4839-01-23 Multi-Sport Complex Prequalify Contractors
4842-01-22 HVAC Bob Hales-Project on Hold
6120-01R-23 OT Sloan Restroom- Rejection Letter
6120-02-23 Commercial Trash Cans
6120-03R-23 Gymnastics Building Renovation
6120-04R-23 Gymnastics Equipment
6120-05-23 Booking Agent for Recreation Officials
6120-06R-23 Fence Installation at Dalrymple Park
6120-07R-23 Dalrymple Park Fence
6120-08-23 Pool Management Services
6120-09-23 RFP Recreation Software
4712-02R-23 Solid Waste Decals