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Income Maintenance Caseworker III (Adult Medicaid)

Duties/Responsibilities: This position is one of eight (8) workers assigned to administer the eligibility process in Adult Medicaid and sub-programs. Included in Adult Medicaid are MAA, MAD, SAA, SAD, and MQB. The primary purpose of this position is to determine eligibility for Nursing Home, CAP, PACE (LTC) and Special Assistance (rest home) individuals. This worker is responsible for responding to referrals, applications, and inquiries pertaining to long-term care (LTC) and rest home clients. This worker is responsible for interviewing, investigating, and processing applications, and completing program changes. This worker is also responsible for redetermining eligibility for LTC and Special Assistance on-going cases and reacting to changes as necessary. This worker must respond appropriately to questions and concerns of clients and family members as well as address changes including changes in reserve, income, living arrangements, and any other factors affecting eligibility. As one of two LTC/Special Assistance caseworkers, this worker must respond to walk-in applications, referrals, telephone referrals, or hospitalized applicants and coordinate with the other LTC/Special Assistance caseworker. This worker is also the backup for the other LTC/Special Assistance worker.

Must have the ability to read and comprehend rules and regulations; and interpret vague and often changing policies and guidelines pertaining to eligibility programs. Must possess good computer skills, be able to navigate in the NCFAST state eligibility computer system and have sufficient knowledge necessary to perform the assigned duties of the position. Must be able to communicate with people of varied social, economic, and educational backgrounds to obtain pertinent data and verify information in determining eligibility. Must be able to determine needs of applicants and make referrals for other agencies. This worker must also be able to work with facts and figures and perform tasks involving a high degree of accuracy, perform work involving careful review, work of a computational nature, and communicate effectively with other agency personnel to gather and verify information. The worker must possess qualities of patience and tolerance in adverse and frustrating conditions, have good organizational skills, and be able to execute work efficiently.

Minimum Education/Experience: Two years of experience as an Income Maintenance Caseworker; or an equivalent combination of training and experience.

**Preference will be given to those individuals with Special Assistance and Adult LTC Medicaid experience to include intake, processing, and case maintenance for LTC Medicaid and Special Assistance and NCFAST training and knowledge.**

Employees may be called upon in cases of disaster, either natural or man-made, to serve the citizens of Lee County. This service, if required, will take precedence over duties described in this position vacancy announcement. This position is required to perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor.

Closing date for applications (PD107): Open until filled.

Submit a completed State Application form: PD-107 (State Application) to Lee County DSS, Personnel Office, PO Box 1066, Sanford, NC, 27331-1066 or 530 Carthage Street, Sanford, NC, 27330. No resumes accepted unless a completed application form. Applications can be found on the Lee County government website.

Pre-employment drug screening is required. Criminal Background Check is required.