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Processing Assistant III - Administration

Duties/Responsibilities: This position will serve as one of the three positions that work the front desk receptionist and switchboard for the agency. In this position you must be able to work with very little supervision and make day to day decisions in a timely manner. The front desk position requires an extremely high degree of public contact, greeting all people who come into the agency, determining needs and assigning them to which worker/program they should see. This position is the first point of contact that ensures the individual is seen for all the programs that the individual came for as well as those that they might benefit from. This position also serves as a backup for the switchboard. This position involves operating an automated telephone system with 9 incoming lines, 1 intercom, and 104 extensions. The operator must determine which worker or workers the caller needs to speak to or send to the worker's voicemail. This position must have a good understanding of all the programs that social services administers for both the clientele and the general public.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities: General knowledge of office or work unit procedures, methods, and practices. General knowledge of and ability to use correct spelling, punctuation, and specialized vocabulary; ability to proofread. General knowledge of office accounting and record keeping procedures, mathematics, and their application to the work environment. The ability to learn and apply a variety of guidelines. Ability to use a variety of office equipment. Ability to work with people with courtesy and tact. Ability to screen communications based on predetermined guidelines to independently respond or route inquiries. Ability to record and compile information based on general guidelines. Ability to gather and give information and instructions regarding the work process or procedures. Ability to balance and reconcile figures. May require ability to coordinate work of other support staff, student workers, or volunteers. Ability to learn to use specialized office equipment.

Minimum training and experience: Graduation from high school and demonstrated possession of knowledge, skills, and abilities gained through at least one year of office assistant/secretarial expeirence; or an equivalent combination of training and experience.

Preference will be given for bilingual Spanish/English applicant, fluent in speaking and writing both languages.

Closing date for applications: Open until filled.

Employees may be called upon in case of disaster, either natural or man-made, to serve the citizens of Lee County.  This service, if required, will take precedence over duties described in this position vacancy announcement.

Interested Candidates should submit a completed form PD-107(State Application) to the attention of Lee County Department of Social Services  Personnel Office, PO Box 1066, Sanford, NC 27331-1066 or 530 Carthage Street, Sanford, NC, 27330. No resumes accepted unless a completed state application form is attached. Applications can be found on the Lee County government website.

Pre-employment drug screening required.