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Decal Information

Solid Waste Decals

What is a Solid Waste Decal?
A Solid Waste Decal is a sticker that should be displayed on your vehicle or shown to a Convenience Center Operator before you dispose of waste and recyclables.
What does the current Solid Waste Decal look like?
The 2024-25 Solid Waste Decal is pictured below:
           decal cutout 2
Why do I need a Solid Waste Decal?
You need a Solid Waste Decal to show that you are authorized to dispose of waste and recyclables at Lee County Convenience Centers.
If you do not have a current decal, you will not be permitted to use Lee County Convenience Centers.
Who can get a Solid Waste Decal?
Decals are issued annually to all Lee County residents who pay a Solid Waste Fee on their tax bill. The Solid Waste Fee is charged to residences within Lee County, but outside the City of Sanford or Town of Broadway.
When will my Solid Waste Decal expire?
Solid Waste Decals are valid from July 1st of the year they are issued to June 30th of the following year.
The 2024-25 decal is valid from July 1st, 2024 to June 30th, 2025.
Will I receive a Solid Waste Decal if I rent a home/lot?
If you rent a home or lot, a current Solid Waste Decal would be issued to your landlord.
Landlords are responsible for payment of Solid Waste Fees and distributing decals to tenants. 
If you have any problems getting a current decal from your landlord, please call our office at 919-718-4622, ext. 5371
When are new decals issued?
New decals should be mailed out by June of each year. If you do not receive a new decal by June, please contact our office at 919-718-4622 ext. 5371.
What if I have not received a current Solid Waste Decal?
If you haven't received a current Solid Waste Decal, please call our office at 919-718-4622, ext. 5371
How many decals will I receive?
Each residence is issued 2 Solid Waste Decals free of charge. 
What if I lost my decals or need additional decals?
Additional Solid Waste Decals are available for purchase. Decals are $5.00 each and can be purchased from our office at 805 S. 5th Street in Sanford, NC 27330. We ask that you bring exact change and a proof of residence. If you have any questions, please call our office at 919-718-4622, ext. 5371