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Animal Control

Our Animal Control Officers handle vicious animal complaints, cruelty cases, problematic wildlife, injured animals,  barking dogs, abandoned pets, and many other types of cases in which an animal needs help.


Hours of Operation

The Animal Control division of the Sheriff's Office is available 24/7.  Animal Control Deputies are normally on patrol from 8am to 8pm,  however if needed after this time, a Deputy can be dispatched by contacting our 24/7 dispatch center at 919-775-5531 to evaluate the situation and assist if in all possible.

Lee County Animal Ordinances

Laws & Ordinances for animal owners in Lee County

Carolina Animal Rescue & Adoption (C.A.R.A.) 

Citizens are asked not to keep found pets or give them away to someone else.  
To report your pet lost, follow this link and report it to the shelter in the event it's located!

As a reminder, citizens that find a lost or stray animal, are requested to contact the Sheriff's Office Animal Control unit.  Citizens can request a pick up or they can take the animal directly to the shelter themselves if they feel comfortable doing so.  The shelter is located at 1450 N Horner Blvd in Sanford.   Additional information can be found on their website!

N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission
The Commission is responsible for the enforcement of N.C. fishing, hunting, trapping and boating laws.

Rules for Hunting Coyotes in North Carolina

Do you have questions about Coyotes? Click Here

Did you know that Coyotes can be found in all 100 NC counties?

Coyotes in North Carolina look similar to red wolves, but coyotes are smaller, have pointed and erect ears, and long slender snouts. The tail is long, bushy and black-tipped and is usually carried pointing down. Their color is typically dark gray but can range from blonde, red, and even black.