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Community Action Network (LeeCAN)


Increase awareness and resources to effectively address health and safety issues in Lee County through a collaborative community effort.


Lee County community leaders
  • Work together to conduct the Community Health Assessment
  • Make recommendations for addressing the health and safety issues of Lee County residents
  • Advocate for community awareness and education about health and safety issues
  • Assess and strengthen available resources in Lee County
LeeCAN’s ability to make a change begins with your involvement!

Lee County residents can help LeeCAN with the overall goal of improving the health and well-being of all community residents by identifying the important health and safety concerns of the community.

Lee County residents can also help define and carry out solutions to these concerns along with other community residents, civic leaders, healthcare providers, city and county officials, religious leaders, and business owners.

Currently, LeeCAN is working to reduce the teen pregnancy rate, educate and inform the community about mental health and mental health services that are available, and reduce the number of Lee County residents who are obese. 

For questions or interest in membership, please contact LeeCAN , at Health@leecountync.gov 

Currently, the full partnership meets at least once a quarter on a third Wednesday of each month beginning at 4pm.

List of Health Resources
Lee County Mental Health Services
2018 Community Health Assessment