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double stag jump  RECREATIONAL & COMPETITIVE GYMNASTICS     double stag jump

Philosophy of the program is to introduce the sport of gymnastics in a fun and safe learning environment.
Classes are offered to boys and girls (toddlers - up).  

 "New Location" Starting in January at 2105 Nash Street

Tuition per 10 week session:
$45.00 per session - 45 minutes per week (Me and My Folks)
$80.00 per session – 1 hour per week
$160 per session - 3 hours per week (White Stars Only)
**Fees are reduced for shorter sessions
An additional $15.00 fee applies for out-of-county participants.

Please note that our classes run year-round. The sessions are for payment purposes only.

Classes Offered:  
  • Me and My Folks:  Ages 1-3; Co-ed;  45 minute class once per week
  • Tumble Stars:   Ages 3-4; Co-ed; 1 hour class once weekly
  • Rising Stars:  5-6 & 7+;  Beginner Girls class - 1 hour class once weekly
  • Red Stars:  Intermediate Girls ages 6+; 1 hour class once weekly
  • Blue Stars:  Advanced Girls ages 6+; 1 hour class meeting once weekly
  • White Stars:  Invitation Only Girls 6+ ; 1.5-hour class meeting twice weekly 
  • Comets:  5+ years; Boys Class; 1 hour class once weekly
  • Tumbling:  5+ years; Girls & Boys Class: 1 hour class once weekly
  • Advanced Tumbling:  5+ years; Boys and Girls; 1 hour class meeting weekly
  • Competitive Gymnastics Team:  Currently competes in the Xcel Program at the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Levels.


2 hour Party consists of:
  • 60 minutes gymnastics fun including games, parachute, obstacle course and trampoline!
  • 45 minutes party area where you can set up for cake, ice cream, presents & party favors!
  • Last 15 minutes– We help you cleanup !

Times offered:
  • Saturdays 1:00 – 3:00 & 3:30-5:30 
  • $120/($135 out of county) for up to15 participants; $10 for each additional participant over 15 

Questions? Contact Kristy Harper at 919-774-6445 or

Contact Me

Gymnastics Supervisor Kristy Harper
Phone : (919)774-6445