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Frequently Asked Questions

Supervised Pre-Trial Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay to be on Supervised Pre-Trial?

No, the Supervised Pre-Trial Program is free.  However, some monitoring equipment such as          Continuous Alcohol Monitors (CAM) are the financial responsibility of the client.  You will be made aware of any equipment fees and charges at the beginning along with the fees assessed for lost or damaged equipment.

Do I pay for drug screens?

 No, drug screens are free to clients on Supervised Pre-Trial.

What number do I call for my daily call ins?


How long am I on Supervised Pre-Trial?

Supervised Pretrial lasts until the pending charges are resolved in court unless otherwise ordered by the Judge.

Do I need to speak to somebody when I call in each day?

No, when you call 919-718-4589 you will leave a message with your name and next court date along with any changes of address or phone number that you need to report.  This is a voicemail service, and you will receive credit for the message. 

Do I call every day?

Yes, call 919-718-4589 each day.  You can call anytime of day or night including holidays and weekends.

How can I find my next court date?

You can find your court dates on the following website or contact your defense attorney: https://portal-nc.tylertech.cloud/Portal/

How is Supervised Pre-Trial assigned?

                Screenings occur at the request of the District Attorney, Judge, Defense attorney, family/friend referral or self-referral.  If you or somebody you know could benefit from Supervised Pre-Trial, please contact the Pre-Trial Release Coordinator at PRETRIAL@Leecountync.gov.