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Community Social Worker

Communities are comprised of many diverse populations of people.  People who have commonalties such as being of the same culture and/or ethnicity, a common interest or hobby, attend religious services, book club, or any hobby, can all be considered different types of communities. The Community Social Worker Program will work to unite members of various groups toward the common goal of making their community one that functions effectively, is safe, and brings the members of the community together to help their community prosper.  

The Community Social Work Program will work in conjunction with individuals, groups, and agencies to assess the needs of the community, allocate resources, and plan and/or administer programs to help the members of the community.  The Community Social Work Program is one of a kind because the people that are impacted by the issue at hand are inherently invested, driven, and passionate about reaching a resolution together.  

Mission:  To collaborate with community members by linking them with services that they may need, while treating them with respect, cultivating an honest environment that respects all the persons or family’s beliefs, and aids them in developing or continuing a lifestyle in which they feel they no longer need our assistance.  It is imperative that we exercise persistence and discipline, and with the help of the community members we can work together to make a difference in Lee County.

Contact Information

Community  Social Worker Steven Money