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Volunteer Opportunities in Lee County


Lee County offers many opportunities to volunteer and make a difference in our community.

Some of our Volunteer Opportunities include:

  • The Enrichment Center of Lee County- Opportunities include: home delivered meals, Center Post mail out, instructors for activities and games, BINGO, SHIIP (Seniors Health Insurance Information Program), Tax Aide and other needs related to the older adult.

  • San-Lee Park and San-Lee Wildlife Animal Rescue- Opportunities include: assisting camp counselors, park patrol and maintenance, weeding and planting of flower beds, and caring for animals in the nature center.

  • Computer Basics Instructor-The Enrichment Center offers classes in basic Internet, Microsoft Word, eBay and E-Mail. We are in need of an instructor to facilitate the classes held in our computer lab. Classes are small, usually 5-8 participants and are held in the afternoon or evening. For further details and if you are interested, please contact Debbie Williams, 776-0501, ext. 2203.


  • Guardian ad Litem Program-For some kids, childhood means soccer games and family pictures. For others, it means abuse, neglect and a life of hurt. You can help them by being a powerful voice in their lives. Volunteer as a court appointed Guardian ad Litem in Harnett, Lee and Johnston Counties; and change a life of hurt into one of hope. All training is provided free by the agency at the volunteers' convenience. For more information please call 910-814-4690 or 919-934-3348 or email moira.p.conlon@nccourts.org or click Guardian ad Litem.

...no matter how big government gets, and no matter how many services it provides, it can never take the place of volunteers-

Ronald Reagan (1911-2004) 40th United States President