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Lee County Vehicles Surplus Auction


The County of Lee owns forty-six surplus vehicles that can be viewed at www.ncstatesurplus.com starting in early April. These vehicles have been authorized for public auction. The Division of North Carolina State Surplus Property shall conduct the auction. The vehicles shall be sold in their current condition, and no warranty shall be given. The buyer will be responsible once the auction is completed. Failure to make payment on the day of the auction cancels the buyer’s bid. The County of Lee reserves the right to withdraw any listed property from the auction at any time before the auction sale of that property. Any questions should be directed to Mr. Brian Poe, who is the Vehicles Sales Manager for NC State Surplus Property. You can contact Mr. Poe on his office number at 919-854-2167 or his e-mail at Brian dot Poe at DOA dot NC dot GOV.

State Surplus Property Auction Website directions:

Go to http://www.ncstatesurplus.com.

- In the middle of the State Surplus Property Agency page you will see “Property for Sale”.

- Click on “Items on Sealed Bid”

If you just want to “view” the vehicles for sale, change the “Location” to “Raleigh, SSP-Vehicles” then click on “Find It”.

If you then want to bid, you will have to create/register an account.