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Lee County Government peg channel


In 2011 Lee County Government and Central Carolina Community College partnered together in order to establish a Governmental and Educational television distribution program.  Since its inception, both the College and LCG have worked diligently to provide quality local governmental and educational programming on both channels.  

The channels can be accessed via Spectrum television in the Sanford/Lee County area on channel 191 and 192 and online via livestream.  LCG streams Board of Commissioner meetings live and and recorded.  LCG also streams information/programming from other County departments.  The college streams many educational programs and local sports/college news programming.

Each channel receives revenue from the State of North Carolina in order to provide assistance to LCG and the College to continue to maintain and support the operation of both channels.

In 2019 the originally installed PEG equipment is undergoing a system upgrade, thus the live streaming capability and schedule is not available yet which you can see from the web links below.

Central Carolina Community College PEG Channel 192

LCG PEG   Channel 191