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frequently asked questions

Q.What property am I required to List?

Real estate property is automatically listed; however, you are required to list any additions or improvements.

Personal Property items that are required to be listed are: mobile homes, boats, boat motors, jet-ski’s, farm equipment, ATV vehicles, aircrafts, and rental furniture and appliances.

Businesses are required to list all equipment, furniture, fixtures and supplies.

Q.Do I have to list my Registered Motor Vehicle?

No, with the exception of IRPs and MYPs. The NC Department of Motor Vehicle is now responsible for the collection of taxes on registered vehicles. Taxes are billed with the registration renewal. Interest will be charged if the registration is renewed late.

Q.When is my listing form due?

Listing forms are due to our office by January 31st of each year. Listings received after this date will have a late-list penalty applied.

Q.How do I get an extension for filing my business?

Requests for extensions must be received by January 31. The request must be in writing and show good cause. Extensions are granted until March 15.

Q.How do I appeal my personal property value?

The valuation of your personal property may be appealed within 30 days of the date of the tax bill. Your letter of appeal should include any documentation to support your opinion of value.

Q.Who may be eligible for the Property Tax Relief program?

Any permanent Lee County resident 65 or older with an income not to exceed $ 30,200; or a totally and permanently disabled resident with an income not to exceed $ 30, 200; or a 100% permanent totally disabled Veteran (or unmarried surviving spouse) may apply for Property Tax Relief. Contact our office to obtain an application, or click on the link above to apply.



To provide the equitable and fair assessment, levy and collection of all taxable property while maintainingquality data and providing excellent customer service.

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