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The below properties are under property tax foreclosure as of February 16, 2018.  Lee County contracts out its foreclosure work to Zacchaeus Legal Services. While the Lee County Tax Office makes a diligent effort to provide the most accurate and correct information on these properties, each prospective buyer should employ his or her own resources to verify actual property information. Lee County does not make any representations regarding the below information, these properties, their condition or legal status. This webpage is designed simply to notify the community of upcoming property tax foreclosure sales. For terms of sale, visit



Opening Bid $6,704.54

    Under and by virtue of an order of the District Court of Lee County, North Carolina, made and entered in the action entitled COUNTY OF LEE & CITY OF SANFORD vs.The HEIRS, ASSIGNS. and DEVISEES of DESSIE O. WILLIAMS and spouse, if any, which may include FRED WILLIAMS and spouse, if any, or any other person or entity claiming thereunder, et al, 14-CVD-984, the undersigned Commissioner will on the 25th day of May, 2018, offer for sale and sell for cash, to the last and highest bidder at public auction at the courthouse door in Lee County, North Carolina, Sanford, North Carolina at 12:00 o'clock, noon, the following described real property, lying and being in Jonesboro Township, State and County aforesaid, and more particularly described as follows:

    All those certain lots or premises lying and being situate in Jonesboro Township, Lee County, North Carolina, and being more particularly described:
    FIRST TRACT: BEGINNING on the bank of Carr's Creek, at the mouth of a branch in the line of Jones Thomas; thence, up the branch passing Benjamin Rollins and Hanes Thomas corners, 6 chains 82 links to a gum in the branch; thence, North 14 1/2 West 24 chains to a pine and pointers in the branch, Buchanan and Brown corner; thence, to the channel of a Carr's Creek; thence, down the channel of the Creek to the BEGINNING, containing ten (10) acres, more or less, being known as the old J.L. Clark Homeplace.
    SECOND TRACT: BEGINNING at an iron stake at the northwest corner of the First Tract herein; and running thence about North 67 West, about 10 steps; thence, about South and parallel with the western line of the 10 acre tract above described, 72 steps; thence, in an easterly direction about 74 feet to a poplar in line of said 10 acre tract; thence, direct to the BEGINNING, containing one-half (1/2) acre, more or less.
    EXCEPTING, HOWEVER, from the above described properties, two (2) acres sold to Henry L. and Alice B. Williams, by deed recorded in Book 83, Page 224, Lee County Registry; one and one-half (1 1/2) acres sold to Fred and Odessa Williams, by deed recorded in Book 83, Page 235; and approximately one (1) acre sold to Thomas E. and Lucy Williams, by deed recorded in Book 83, Page 216, Lee County Registry; and 2.22 acres, more or less, sold to Van R. Groce, by deed dated October 19, 1972, and recorded in Book 234, Page 483, Lee County Registry.
    Subject to restrictive covenants and easements of record.     
    Parcel Identification Number: 9661-56-3905-00    

    The undersigned Commissioner makes no warranties in connection with this property and specifically disclaims any warranties as to title and habitability.  This property is being sold as is, without opinion as to title or any other matter.

    This sale will be made subject to all outstanding city and county taxes and all local improvement assessments against the above described property not included in the judgment in the above-entitled cause.  A cash deposit of 20 percent of the successful bid will be required.  In addition, the successful bidder will be required, at the time the Deed is recorded to pay for recording fees and revenue stamps assessed by the Lee County Register of Deeds.

    This sale is subject to upset bid as set forth in N.C.G.S. Section 1-339.25.

Properties on Foreclosure


Property 1


PIN: 9661-56-3905-00

Address: 535 Cox Maddox Rd





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