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Tax Collections Manager: Denette Fitzpatrick


Lee County now contracts with Zacchaeus Legal Services (ZLS) to process tax foreclosures. To visit the ZLS website, click the following link: www.zls-nc.com

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Q.When do I receive my tax bill?

Tax bills for real and personal property are usually mailed in July/August of each year. Taxes are due on September 1 and delinquent on January 5th of the following year. Enforced collections may begin immediately once the taxes are delinquent. Action for collection may include wage garnishment, bank account attachment, seizure and sale of personal property, or foreclosure. Additional fees will be added to the unpaid bill for forced collection.

Q.How is my tax calculated?

Tax rates are per every $100 in value. You can divide your tax value by 100 then multiply by the appropriate tax rates for the county and district. Please note that the solid waste fee is in addition to the levied property tax.

Q.New Tag & Tax Information

Registered motor vehicles are now taxed at the time tags are renewed and are paid to the NCDMV. Tax amounts are listed on the "Invitation to Renew" provided by NCDMV. Taxpayers should check their tax districts before renewing their tags. If the tax districts listed are incorrect, please notify the Tax Assessor Office to get them corrected before renewal.

Q.Tax Payments

Partial or full payments are accepted throughout the current tax year. Once delinquent, all past due balances are subject to enforced collections.

Q.Delinquent Collection Remedies

Enforced collection of taxes can be initiated as soon as taxes become delinquent. See NCGS 105-366. Forced collection actions may include but are not limited to:

  • Garnishment of wages

  • Attachment of bank accounts and rents

  • Levy (seizure and sale) against personal property

  • Debt Setoff

  • Foreclosure of real property



To provide the equitable and fair assessment, levy and collection of all taxable property while maintainingquality data and providing excellent customer service.

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