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How to Appeal your 2019 Appraisal

Remember that the big question here is, "What was the market value of your property on January 1, 2019"?

For real property appeals, we encourage you to first file an informal appeal with the Lee County Appraisal Department by filling out the Informal Property Review Request Form above and submitting it to the Appraisal Department located at 106 Hillcrest Dr., Sanford, NC 27330.

Anyone wishing to further appeal their value should fill out the Board of Equalization & Review Form above.  The Board of Equalization & Review typically meets sometime during the last week of April.  Notice of their meetings will be advertised in the Sanford Herald during March and/or April of every year.  Appeals will not be accepted once the Board of Equalization & Review has adjourned.

Anyone wishing to appeal before the North Carolina Property Tax Commission (PTC) must first go through the Lee County Board of Equalization & Review appeal process.


Appealable issues versus Non-appealable issues

We strive to take a "value snapshot" of the County as of January 1, each year.  In order to incorporate new construction, including remodeling, we use the same appraisal manual and methods (Schedule of Values)  used to appraise properties that were in existence for the 2019 Reappraisal.  By doing this, we believe everyone is paying their "fair share" of annual tax dollars to the County and Municipalities.

 Non-appealable issues

  • I refinanced my home or business and the fee appraisal is more or less than the tax appraisal
  • My tax bill is too high
  • I am retired and on a fixed income (ask if you qualify for one of the exemptions)
  • My neighbor's value only increased 10% while mine increased more
  • I built the house and/or the addition, garage, porch, etc. myself for less than the assessed value
  • My house was damaged by fire, wind, water, etc. but was repaired before the next January 1st
  • I paid more or less than the appraised value after January 1, 2019

Appealable issues

  • A listing of properties with similar design, age, condition and square footage are valued lower
  • Sales of highly similar properties that occurred before January 1, 2019 are much lower
  • The condition of the property is diminished due to wind, water, fire, etc. (Damage that is unrepaired)
  • The property data on the tax record is incorrect

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