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Geotextile Cloth For Sale

The Lee Soil and Water Conservation District offers 12 foot wide geotextile cloth for $2.75/running foot. This cloth is used as an underlayment, and usually in conjunction with gravel or rock, to provide a suitable surface to improve water quality. Geotextile cloth is often associated with livestock in heavy use areas, stock trails and waterways, stream crossings, water troughs, and other cost shared best management practices as outlined in the North Carolina Agriculture Cost Share Program.

Erosion Control Netting For Sale

The District also offers 12 foot wide plastic erosion control netting for $0.30/running foot. This netting is excellent for anchoring straw mulch on ditch banks, ditches, grassed waterways in cropland, and any other areas with a high potential for soil erosion. The netting will breakdown over time (according to sunlight exposure), but more importantly, will stay in place until vegetation establishes.


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