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Child care




Subsidized child care was established to assist parents with the cost of child care. It is a program funded with both State and Federal dollars.


Parent/Responsible Adult


In order to qualify for subsidized child care, the parents or responsible adults must meet the program’s income guidelines and must have a recognized need for child care. They must also be a resident of the county in which they apply. The child care subsidy program can assist parents with the cost of child care for children ages 0-12.

Child care recognized needs:

  • Employment (FT/PT)
  • Education/Training
  • Child Protective Services
  • Developmental Needs
  • Child Welfare Services

There are currently more than 30-licensed child care centers and homes in Lee County that participate in the child care subsidy program. Child care facilities in North Carolina are rated with a Five Star Rated License system based on how well they are doing in providing quality child care. Parents can obtain a child care provider’s star rating by checking the listing of providers on the Division of Child Development and Early Education’s website http://www.ncchildcare.net or by looking at the license which is prominently displayed at the center or home. Parents and responsible adults are allowed to choose the child care provider that best meets the needs of the child. To participate in Child Care Subsidy, the Child Care Provider must have at a minimum a 3 star license. 


You can make an appointment in order to apply for child care subsidy services. A subsidy case worker will assist you with the application and let you know if there is anything that we need in order to process the case. In many cases it is better to call and set up an appointment with the worker to make sure he/she is in the office. The worker will also be able to tell you if subsidy funding is limited. If funds are limited, Lee County Social Services maintains a wait list for parents/responsible adults requesting financial assistance for child care. Parents who are interested in being placed on this list must fill out a wait list form. This form will include income eligibility information, need for child care, work/school information, etc. The wait list form can be printed from the link at the bottom of the page or you can pick one up at the receptionist desk inside DSS.


To expedite disposition of your application and to determine the parent fee you will be responsible to pay, bring proof of all income received in the month prior to your application in order to verify income or a wage verification form can be printed from the link on the next page, school registration if you are a student and in order to receive a voucher for child care you must know which Child Care provider you would like to use (provider list is available from any child care worker).


Child Care Services Subsidy Unit
Jessica Schenk – Child Care Coordinator

(919)718-4690 Ext. 5229


Monday – Friday
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM




Child care providers:

If you are a child care provider and would like to participate in the child care subsidy program, please call the Child Care Coordinator listed above for more information. In order to apply as a provider in the subsidy program you must hold a 3 star or higher rated license.

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