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Adult Services Glossary of Terms


  • Adult Home Specialist- Social worker monitors complaints with Division of Facility Services (DFS) regulations and standards for Lee County Family Care Homes and Adult Care Homes.

  • Adult Placement Services- To help find appropriate placement in nursing and adult care homes and to work with client and family to ensure adjustment and assistance that might be needed after placement.

  • Adult Protective Services- Services to an adult 18 years or older who is disabled and is in need of protective services because of abuse, neglect or exploitation.

  • Community Alternatives Program for Disable Adults (CAP/DA)-This program allows North Carolina counties to use Medicaid funds to provide home and community based services to Medicaid recipients. These recipients require nursing level care that can be provided safely in the home with CAP/DA services at a lower Medicaid cost than nursing facility care. CAP participants must meet Medicaid eligibility requirements.

  • Day Care Services for Adults- Services provided during the day in a community group setting to support and promote adults’ social, physical and emotional well-being.

  • Guardianship- Legal proceedings in which the court declares an adult incompetent and another party is given responsibility for the adult’s personal affairs and or property. Guardianship ends with the death of the incompetent adult or with a judicial restoration of competency.

  • Health Support Services- Make appropriate referrals to assist adults in locating medical services as needed.

  • Individual and Family Adjustment- Provides a social worker to assist with problem situations and notify families of services available.

  • Intake Service- Provides information and referral services that are offered through Lee County Social Services and other agencies or organizations throughout the county. Interviews applicants for medication, food, heating and cooling assistance.

  • In Home Aide Services- Provides elderly/handicapped assistance with cooking, laundry and light housekeeping based on the need. In Home Aide Services are provided to enable individuals to remain or return to their own home and community.

  • Representative Payee- Available to person(s) who are not able to manage their money. Social Security usually makes referrals for this service.

  • Services for the Blind- Services are available to enable blind and visually impaired individuals to maintain the highest level of functioning possible and to prevent or reduce dependency. There is a worker in the office two days a week.

  • Special Assistance In-Home Services (SA/IH)-Allows individuals to remain independent instead of being placed in an adult care home. Lee County has eight slots available. This service is for aged and/or disabled adults who have a monthly income of $736.00 or less and who are currently or at risk of living in an adult care facility. SA/IN supplements income to help meet the basic needs of the person to enable him to stay at home.


Reports of Disabled Adults Who Are Abused/Neglected/Exploited


Reports may be made during regular business hours either by telephone contact (919-718-4690) or by a visit to the Department (106 Hillcrest Dr, Sanford, NC).

Night, holiday, and weekend reporting may be made through contact with the Sanford Police Department (919-775-8286) and the Lee County Sheriff’s Office (919-718-4560). These agencies are always open and willing to contact our on-call worker. Our worker will contact you regarding your report.

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