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Lee County Parks & Recreation


Policy Regarding Geocaching

Parks & Recreation allows geocaching in the Lee County Parks & Recreation system under the following conditions: A Geocache Placement Permit must be completed and approved by the Director of Parks & Recreation or her/his designee prior to the placement of the cache. Permits are re-newable annually during the month of February.

Caches shall be placed not more than 50 feet off any designated trail.

Caches shall not be placed in campgrounds, playgrounds, picnic areas, in any body of water or any water structure.

Caches shall be clearly labeled as a geocache. Contact information should be listed on the outside of the cache as well as the name of the cache as listed on the www.geocaching.com Web site.

Caches are not to contain food, alcohol, drugs, or items that would be considered to be offensive, dangerous, or illegal.

When placing caches, no digging or disruptive disturbance of the grounds are allowed. No caches may be placed in environmentally sensitive areas.

Any caches not in compliance with this policy will be removed.

Lee County Parks & Recreation reserves the right to remove caches that cause any adverse impact on the park system.