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Outdoor Education



San-Lee Park


Environmental Education opportunities exist for groups both on and off site. Programs can be scheduled anywhere from 1-3 hours in length, are hands-on and focus on the environment and wildlife in North Carolina. Each program is taught according to age level and number of participants. Program topics are prepared according to your interests and needs.  In-county programs are offered free of charge.  There is a $50 fee for all out of county programs.


Get up close and personal with nature. Children become involved and actively learn about different aspects of the environment and nature through games, hikes, crafts, stories, and field trips. Each week has a different theme so children can attend more than one week of camp. Children must bring a lunch and 2 snacks. 

Program Dates: June 15 – August 7
No Camp week of July 4th

Registration Site:

San-Lee Park Nature Center, 760 Pumping Station Road, Sanford


April 20- June 5




Full Day $115.00

Additional $15 fee for non-county residents

Please call 919-776-6221 Ext. 8 for more details
Family Medical Information Form


Join the Nature Center Staff for a day devoted to the animals by spending your teacher work day helping the Nature Center Staff provide basic care for the animals (not snakes). This includes preparing their food, feeding them and even cleaning up after them. (Children will not be handling any animals). A hike and/or craft time will be included weather and time permitting.  Children attending the day camp program will be required to bring 2 snacks and a lunch.

Program Dates:
Februaury 17th (Traditional)
March 2nd (Tramway)
March 3rd (All Schools)


Call 919-776-6221 Ext. 8 for more information
San-Lee Park Office
760 Pumping Station Road
Pre-registration is required the Friday before the date.


Grades K-5th


Conservation Cubs is geared towards preschool aged children where they learn about the environment through games, crafts, hikes, stories, wildflower identification, and other activities. Snacks are provided. Please dress according for the weather.

Program Dates:

September - May
3rd Wednesday of the month

San-Lee Park Office
Call (919) 776-6221 Ext. 7 for details


3-5 years of age


$5.00 per child (Subject to change)
Preregistration required.  Minimum of 5 participants required.



Learn something new about the environment around you. Join Outdoor Education Staff for various educational programs offerd throughout the year.  Please dress accordingly to the weather.

Program Dates:

 Backyard Bird Count
 Sat. Feb. 15, 2020
 Fee $5/person age 2 & U free
plus supply costs

 Reptile Awareness Day
 Sun. Oct. 17, 2020
 Fee $5/person age 2 & U free
plus supply costs

Take A Hike
Sun. Nov. 14, 2020
Fee $5/person age 2 & U free
plus supply costs



San-Lee Park Office 
Call 919-776-6221 Ext. 8 to pre-register
A minimum of 5 people are required for the program to be held.


We are looking for responsible 13-17 year olds for our Junior Counselor Program (JC). This is a volunteer position. Each JC will be assigned to a counselor for the week and will be required to assist his/her counselor. This includes set-up and clean up of crafts and games, taking campers to the bathroom and anything else requestd by the counselor. Please remember that as a JC, you will not be a camper, so there may be times where you do not get to participate in games/crafts because you will be helping campers in your group. To apply to be a JC, please fill out an application and turn it in to the Outdoor Education Specialist, between April 1 and June 1. A formal interview wil be held if necessay and space is limited to 3 JC's per week. Please call the park, at 919-776-6221 Ext. 8, from 8am-5pm with questions.


Geocaching is a relatively new game that is growing quickly in popularity. It can be compared to a high tech scavenger hunt, using “GPS” technology in order to find hidden treasures. Participating in cache hunting is a good way to spend time in the great outdoors with friends or family. The basic idea is to have individuals and organizations set up caches all over the world and share the locations of these caches on the Internet. GPS users can then use the location coordinates to find the caches. Once found, a cache may provide the visitor with a wide variety of rewards. The visitor should leave something for the cache if they take something. There are several cache sites located in Lee County, please contact San Lee Park to obtain a geocache placement application and the policies associated with the placement of a geocache site. Good luck and happy hunting.


Facility Rentals
919-775-2107 Ext. 4201

On-line reservation requesets are available.


The shelter has 12 picnic tables (seats 100 people), 2 charcoal grills and volleyball court. A volleyball kit is included in the rental fee. Water and electricity are available upon request.

San-Lee Park Shelter Fees

Number Of People


100 People or Less

$60 (up to 4 hours)
$110 (over 4 hours)

Over 100 People

$75 (up to 4 hours)
$140 (over 4 hours)

Additional $25 fee for non-county residents.




The meadow is a large open outdoor space located across the meadow creek. It is ideal for weddings, church services and company picnic activities. No chairs or tables at site.

Meadow Fee is $40/day county residents - $65/day for non-county residents.


The Multipurpose Room is ideal for team building workshops, wedding receptions, baby showers, birthday parties, business meetings, scout events, family reunions and gatherings.  
It is housed in the San-Lee Park Nature Center, located at 760 Pumping Station Road.  The access to the new Nature Center is located just above the main entrance to San-Lee Park.
The room accommodates up to 50 people.  There are 12 (6 feet long) tables, 3 (60 inch) round tables and 50 chairs.  A building supervisor opens the room,  remains on site during the event and closes the room.

Multipurpose Room Rates

$150 (up to 4 hours) for County Residents
$25 additional fee per hour over 4 hours

$250 (up to 4 hours) for Non-County Residents
$25 additional fee per hour over 4 hours

When making reservations, please include set up time, event time and clean up time.





This is a small outdoor theatre with wooden benches. It is located next to the lake and has a great view! It seats approximately 50 people.

Amphitheatre Fee is $25/day.


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