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Frequently Asked Questions


Lee County Fire Service Facts (source County GIS)

Q.What is the value of property outside 5 mile districts?

$212,447,000, dependent on the district and tax rate

Q.What is the total amount of square mileage outside of 5 mile districts?

258.38 sq miles in the county 79 sq miles are outside of 5 mile districts.

Q.What is the difference of covered properties if fire districts go from 9S to 9E rating?

24,313 residences and businesses inside of 5 mile districts. 751 businesses and residences will be affected immediately.

Q.What % of businesses in the county is outside of 5 miles?

2,146 businesses in the county. 2,093 are inside of 5 mile districts. 2.5% are not in a rated district.

Q.What % of homes is outside of 5 miles in county?

23,513 homes in the county. 21, 885 are inside of 5 mile districts. 1,628 are not in a rated district. 6.9% are not in a rated district.

Q.What is the square mileage of each district?

Cameron- 6.96 Cape Fear- 53.41 Carolina Trace- 8.88
Deep River- 35.75 Lemon Spr- 35.09 Northview- 16.08
NW Pocket- 36.30 Tramway- 33.94 West Sanford- 7.87

Q.What is the current tax value of each fire district?

Cameron- $60, 118,402 Cape Fear- $249,296,911 Carolina Trace- $285,107,309
Deep River- $179,435,859 Lemon Spr- $245, 436, 815 Northview- $538, 686, 105
NW Pocket- $33,637,960 Tramway- $395,898,188 West Sanford- $65,757,752