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Common Code Violations

Blocked exits are a common violation which could result in serious injury or even death in an emergency situation.

Blocking exterior exit and combustible waste stored too close to building.

Maintain a clear path to designated exits at all times.

Improper hardware with the use of combination locks.

Compressed gas cylinders must be securely strapped to prevent falling.

Storage in front of electrical panels is not permitted.

Open electrical panel box must be properly covered.

Do not install security gates over a required exit door that would prevent exiting a building.

Ensure fire extinguishers are fully charged, mounted and accessible.

Regularly check fire protection system control valves. Ensure all valves are open.

These Colors Don't Run 500 grams - Illegal North Carolina fireworks.

Do not dispense flammable liquids by gravity. Use approved suction pumps.

Delirium 500 grams - Illegal North Carolina fireworks.

Improper hardware installed on interior exit door.

Improper lock and hasp on exterior exit door.

Improper multi-plug extension use.

This is an example of an obstructed exit.

Restaurant exhaust and cooking equipment shall be periodically cleaned.

Slide bolts are not permitted on exit doors.

Maintain 18" clear space from bottom of sprinklers to storage.