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Employee Policies


Introduction to the Personnel Policy

A-1Table of Contents

A-2 Organization of Personnel System

B-1 Privacy of Employee Records

B-2 Political Activity

B-3 Inclement Weather

B-4 Recruitment and Selection

B-5 Vehicle Usage

B-6 Outside Employment

B-7 Limitations on Employment of Relatives

B-8 Identification Badge Policy

B-9 Gifts and Favors

B-10 Employee Travel

B-11 Flex Time Work Schedule

B-12 Workplace Violence

B-13 Small Pox Vaccination

B-14 Technology Use Policy

B-15 Code of Ethics

B-16 Work Week

B-17 Work Period

B-18 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Policy

B-19 Employee Development

B-20 Collection of Social Security Number

B-21 Conceal Carry - Employee  Policy

C-1 Classification Plan

C-2 Maintenance of the Classification Plan

C-3 Compensation Philosophy

D-1 Longevity Pay

D-2 Pay Plan

D-3 Overtime Compensation

D-4 Special Compensation

E-1 Employee Benefits

E-2 Health Insurance Accountability and Portability Act Privacy Policy (HIPPA)

F-1 Vacation

F-2 Sick Time

F-3 Holidays

F-4 Family and Medical Leave

F-5 Court and Jury Duty

F-6 Military Leave

F-7 Worker's Compensation Leave

F-8 Leave Without Pay

F-9 Educational Leave with Pay

F-10 Voluntary Shared Time

F-11 Parental School Leave

F-12 Personal Leave Associated with Pandemic

F-13 Emergency Paid Sick Leave

F-14 Family Medical Leave Expansion Under the Famalies First Coronavirus Response Act

G-1 Training and Development

H-1 Disciplinary Action

H-2 Grievance Policy

H-3 Workplace Harassment

H-4 Resignation

H-5 Reduction in Force

H-6 Retirement

H-7 Separation for Disability

H-8 Dismissal

J-1 Safety and Health Policy Statement

J-2 County Manager’s Statement

J-3 Safety and Health Responsibilities

J-4 County Safety Committee

J-5 Departmental Safety Committee

J-6 Training

J-7 Emergency Response

J-8 Workplace Illness and Accident Reporting

J-9 First Aid

J-10 Medical Surveillance

J-11 Fire Prevention Policy

J-12 Motor Vehicle Policy

J-13 Bloodborne Pathogens

J-14 Biological Hazards

J-15 General Housekeeping and Sanitation

J-16 Office Safety

J-17 Safe Lifting

J-18 Falls

J-19 Ergonomics

J-20 Personal Protective Equipment

J-21 Confined Space

J-22 Electrical Safety

J-23 Portable Ladders and Scaffold

J-24 Machine Guarding

J-25 Powered Industrial Trucks/Material Handling

J-26 Tools

J-27 Noise

J-28 Trenching and Excavation

J-29 Hazards Communication

J-30 Control of Hazardous Energy

J-31 Bench Grinder

J-32 Asbestos

J-33 Accident Review

J-34 Transitional Duty

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