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GIS Interactive Mapping


Lee County Government's GIS mapping has been recently upgraded to a new Online GIS Interactive Mapping service. This new service provides many more functions and abilities that were not included with the old site. Please take time to familiarize yourself with the new interface and we encourage you to read the Help page. Many of the frequently asked questions can be answered here. However, we do value your feedback, so please email Don Kovasckitz with any questions, concerns, or issues. This site offers enhanced ease of maneuverability within the GIS for searches and "identifies", capability to extract specific GIS layers, conversion of map to JPG and Worldfiles and contains updated information for analysis. The new service will allow Lee County to provide updated tools and features more frequently and offer enhanced services to our customers. You may use the service as "Guest", but you are encouraged to create an account for personalized service. There is no charge and by creating an account, you will be able to customize the tool to your preferences which will be retained upon your next login.

The Interactive Mapping service is provided as a function of the Strategic Services department. Their departmental page contains detailed mapping resources.Visit Strategic Services


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