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The Bid Type definitions are:

RFQ: Request for Qualifications

RFP: Request for Proposals

RFB: Request for Bids

*Please note that all bids submitted are good for 60 days beginning on the date and time the bid was initially opened*


Any current Lee County requests for qualifications, proposals or bids are listed below.

To bid, follow the instructions on the "Bid Sheet".

**IMPORTANT: If prompted for a username and password when clicking any of the bid documents below, please click cancel until the document opens, this is a system problem that we are working to resolve.**

Contact Candace Iceman at caiceman@leecountync.gov or (919) 718-4600 ext 5512 with questions.

***Effective 3/18/2020 and until further notice, no outside visitors are allowed in the Summit Building, located at 408 Summit Drive, Sanford, NC, where bids are opened. Current bid opportunities will have bid results posted as soon as possible after opening.***


Bid Number Bid Type Item(s) DescriptionBid Document Sealed Bid Due Needed by Forms



Bid Number Bid Item(s) Description  
4262-05-20 HVAC Replacement @ Lee County Enrichment Center Bid Award
4262-04R-20 LCGC Generator Day Tank Replacement Bid Results
4371-01-20 Surveillance Trailer Bid Results
6120-08-20 Bob Hales Center Interior Painting  Bid Results
6120-07-20 Lett Park Ballfield Fencing Bid Award
6120-04R-20 Refurbish Telescopic Bleachers Bid Award
6120-02R-20 Gymnastics Spring Floor Bid Award
4125-01-20 Compensation Study Proposal Award
4262-03R-20 Daymark HVAC Replacement Proposal Award
4310-02R-20 2019 Chevrolet Tahoe Bid Award
4837-01-20 Lett Family Park Concrete Slab Bid Award
4120-02-20 Facilitator/Consulting Services Proposal Award
4262-02R-20 LCGC BOC Meeting Room HVAC Replacement Bid Award
4262-01-20 LC Multi-Building Roof Replacements Bid Award
4310-01R-20 New 2019 Nissan Maxima SV Bid Award

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