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The Bid Type definitions are:

RFQ: Request for Qualifications

RFP: Request for Proposals

RFB: Request for Bids

*Please note that all bids submitted are good for 60 days beginning on the date and time the bid was initially opened*


Any current Lee County requests for qualifications, proposals or bids are listed below. Electronic and/or late responses will not be considered.

To bid, follow the instructions on the "Bid Sheet".

**IMPORTANT: If prompted for a username and password when clicking any of the bid documents below, please click cancel until the document opens, this is a system problem that we are working to resolve.**

Contact Candace Iceman at caiceman@leecountync.gov or (919) 718-4600 ext 5512 with questions.


Bid Number Item(s) Description/Bid Document Sealed Bid Due Needed by Type/Information
4843-01-22 Historic Courthouse Design 2:00pm EST 8/11/22


Addendum 1

4320-01-23 Commercial Washer & Dryer 10:00am EST 8/16/22 RFB
6120-02-23 Commerical Park Trash Cans 10:00am EST 8/18/22 RFB
6120-01-23 OT Sloan Restroom Facility 2:00pm EST 9/8/22 RFB
4712-01-23 Solid Waste Services 3:30pm EST 9/8/22


Addendum 1







Bid Number Bid Item(s) Description  
4372-02-23 Public Safety Drone-Revised Award
4712-01-22 Solid Waste Decals Award
4839-01-22 Multi-Sports Complex Design Award
6120-06-22 OT Sloan Sanitary Sewer Award
4837-02-22 Horton Pool Renovations Award
4837-01-22 Horton Bathhouse Renovations Award
6120-05-22 Tennis & Pickleball Lessons No Award
6120-04R-22 Dalyrymple Park Fencing Rebid No Award
6120-03-22 SLP Guard & Security Services No Award
4710-01-22 Vegetative Waste Grinding Services Award
6120-01-22 Temple Park Fencing & Installation          Award
4210-01-21 Website Redesign & Hosting Award
4841-02-21 Library Construction Manager at Risk Award
4144-01-22 Reappraisal Services Award
4838-02R-21 Government Center Parking Lot Award
4841-01-21 Library Conceptual Design Award
4836-03-21 Parking Lot Project Award
4839-01-21 Multi Sports Complex Award

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