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There are a few locations in Lee County that carry these radios based on emergency management staff visiting likely retailers during the first week of December 2008. If you are a retailer, or know of a Lee County retailer that carry the NOAA Weather Radios with SAME technology, please contact our office so that we can add you to the list maintained by our office and the Sanford-Lee County Chamber of Commerce.

We encourage you to purchase the radios that have S.A.M.E. technology which will be listed on the front of the radio package. This will allow you to program the radio to only alert if an event is going to affect a county or counties that you specify.

Locations in Lee County carrying NOAA Weather Radios that have the tone alert feature:

Kerr Drug (Radios offered do not have "SAME" technology as of December 6, 2008)


Food Lion

Radio Shack

Additionally there are internet retailers that carry these radios that may be found using Google or Shopzilla.com, however we encourage you to purchase these radios locally to support Lee County retailers.