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Ensuring Integrity For Local Democracy



About The Lee County Board of Elections

The Lee County Board of Elections oversees all elections in Lee County. The Board operates under the general supervision of the State Board of Elections, has quasi-judicial and policy making authority over all aspects of elections and voter registration in Lee County. The primary functions of the office include voter registration, candidate filing, and finding and maintaining voting sites, appointing and training precinct officials, preparing and distributing ballots. Other duties include maintaining voting equipment, canvassing and certifying the ballots cast in Lee County, candidate campaign finance compliance and providing public information on elections and voting procedures. 


Harry Stryffeler, Chair


Susan M. Feindel, Vice Chair


 Becky Whitaker, Secretary


  Rita McClellan, Member



Pictured from left to right are: Rita McClellan, Harry Stryffeler, Susan Feindel, and Becky Whitaker.



Office Staff

Parker Holland, Director of Elections

Karen Marosites, Deputy Director of Elections

Va Tonya Gardner, Administrative Assistant