LEE COUNTY, NC – March 27, 2020 – This afternoon, Governor Cooper issued a statewide “Stay-At-Home” order that will go into effect on Monday, March 30, 2020 at 5 PM.

Based on information shared during Governor Cooper’s press conference, the county understands that the “Stay-At-Home” order directs the public to stay at home and avoid all travel except for essential business.  Essential business is described as travel for work, food and medicine, medical care, outdoor exercise, and to provide necessary assistance to others. 

The Executive Order also lowers the threshold for mass gatherings to ten people or less and requests that people maintain social distancing, which is staying six (6) feet away or more from other people.

The “Stay-At-Home” order is enforceable by local law enforcement.

As the details of the Executive Order become available, Lee County Government will continue to share information with the public related to how the order impacts our county government and the broader county community.

“We know there will be many questions following this announcement,” said Amy Dalrymple, Chair of the Lee County Board of Commissioners.  “Commissioners and staff are all working to gather information to better understand what the Executive Order means for our community and we will be providing additional information in the coming days.  My immediate advice to the public is to stay at home unless you need to get to work, get essential supplies or seek medical attention.”

The Executive Order goes into effect Monday, March 30th at 5 PM and remains in effect for thirty days unless rescinded by another Executive Order.

For additional information and questions, please contact Jamie Brown, Community & Governmental Relations Manager at (919) 718-4605 or

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