LEE COUNTY, NC – January 7, 2020 – The Lee County Board of Commissioners addressed citizen concerns related to the maintenance of county convenience centers at the regularly scheduled board meeting last night, Monday, January 6, 2020.

“My colleagues and I have received a number of complaints from concerned citizens,” said Board Chair Amy Dalrymple before requesting an update from County Manager John Crumpton on the status of the centers.

The County Manager reported that the issues stem from compounding equipment failures with both county assets and those of an outside vendor.  The timing of the failures made maintenance at the centers particularly burdensome, as the last several weeks of the year tend to be high volume collection times.  Additionally, staff will be reviewing current capacity at all county convenience centers to determine that there is sufficient capacity at existing facilities to handle the growth in unincorporated areas of Lee County. 

“In the twelve (12) years that I have been manager, we have not added a new convenience center or significantly expanded our existing centers but we have been growing in the unincorporated areas of the county,” Dr. Crumpton reported; “we also know that there is unauthorized use of our centers and we are implementing processes to address those concerns.” 

County convenience centers are only for use by residents of the unincorporated areas of Lee County and the residents of these areas pay an annual solid waste fee that directly supports the operations of the centers.  City of Sanford and Town of Broadway residents do not pay the county fee and are not authorized to use the county convenience centers; instead, Sanford and Broadway residents should rely on solid waste services provided by the city and town. 

In order to address concerns related to unauthorized use of the centers, staff will begin periodic checks of identification to ensure that center patrons are residents of the unincorporated areas of Lee County.  Residents from incorporated areas of Lee County and non-county residents will not be permitted to utilize the county convenience centers. 

Dr. Crumpton informed the Board that the bulk of the equipment issues have been resolved and operations at all county convenience centers will be back to normal operating conditions by the end of the week.   

For additional information or questions about county convenience centers, please contact the LCG Solid Waste Division at (919) 718-4622.

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