Thanks to generous donations by the Broadway Women’s Club and Mertek Solutions, Lee County Libraries (LCL) has enhanced the staff workspace at the Broadway Library Branch and added new barrel book displays at the Main Library in Sanford.

Last month, the Broadway Women’s Club donated a mini refrigerator and microwave for staff at the LCL Broadway Branch.  The donation resulted from an update to club members by Cathy Griffith, Lee County Libraries Board member, who is also a member of the Broadway Women’s Club. Griffith shared information related to ongoing service and program enhancements at the local branch including a new book club event to be held on the fourth Thursday of the month at 4 PM that Ms. Griffith requested and will facilitate. In a show of support for the library, the Broadway Women’s Club decided to help improve the staff space by adding a mini refrigerator and microwave for staff.

“It was extraordinarily generous of the Broadway Women’s Club to purchase these items for staff and we are so grateful,” said Beth List, Director of Lee County Libraries. “These ladies are as passionate as we are about our mission to enhance programs and services at the library. We have some exciting things happening at our Broadway Branch!” 

In addition to improvements at the Broadway Branch, library staff have recently unveiled new barrel book displays at the Main Library in Sanford. LCL had several old barrel planters that formerly held fig trees and various plants at the library. List researched and found inspiration on Pinterest to repurpose the planters. 

According to List, “we had these huge barrel style planters in the library and I envisioned the possibility of turning them into some sort of book display surfaces. I did a little digging on Pinterest and found a few examples of barrel-turned-table projects. Our vision pieced together perfectly after one call to Mertek.”

The design required large sheets of plexi-glass that were donated to LCL by Mertek Solutions.  With the donation from Mertek, library staff transformed the old planters into unique book displays that are now in use at the library. They will be updated monthly with exciting new displays of community interest.

For additional information about Lee County Libraries, please contact Director of Library Services, Beth List at (919) 718-4665.

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