The Lee County Government (LCG) Board of Elections reports that the 2018 Election results have been confirmed and certified by the North Carolina State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement following the ballot recount in Lee County District 2 and District 4. 

Following close races on November 6th, recounts were requested in District 2 and District 4 where candidates were separated by 30 and 55 votes respectively.  The recounts were performed on Monday, November 19th and the results were unchanged.  The LCG Director of Elections, Parker Holland credits adherence to strict chain of custody procedures and new voting machines that proved accurate and secure providing the public with an overall fair, honest and impartial voting process.

Holland also reports that the 2018 Election was record breaking in terms of voter turnout, with over 53% of eligible registered voters casting ballots in this year’s election.  This is a significant increase over the last mid-term election, which included a U.S. Senate race in 2014, when voter turnout climbed to 46% in Lee County. 

“Election 2018 saw overwhelming voter turnout at the polls,” Holland said; “And I would be remiss if I did not thank the many precinct volunteers that helped to deliver what I hope was a positive voting experience for the public both during the Early Voting Period and on Election Day.  Thank you to the precinct volunteers for your dedication and support of this important civic duty.” 

For more information about the voting process or Election 2018 results, please visit the LCG Board of Elections on-line at or call 919-718-4646.

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Press Release Contact:
Jamie Brown
Community & Governmental Relations Manager
P:  (919) 718-4605