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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Explain the Lee County Website Design.

A. Careful consideration was made in choosing the "right" design for the new Lee County website. A 12 member employee committee was formed to steer the entire process from concept to launch. Various design concepts were presented by a professional website design company and common elements were chosen to be incorporated in the final design. The color schemes and stylesheets were designed to reflect our community symbolizing the many professional businesses as well as the small town charm enjoyed by our citizenry. Some elements to point out are the embellishments and background surrounding the logo on the homepage reference our recognition of our history. The clay and earthtone backgrounds reflect our attention to our local pottery industry both past and present. Other design elements are more noticeable such as the brick style buttons for the category headings such as Residents, Business, etc. If you didn't already know, we are Brick Capital, USA.

Q. Why did Lee County launch a new website?

A. The Lee County Board of Commissioners decided in their annual board retreat in 2005 to redesign the website as one initiative in the Strategic Workplan. It was determined that the new website be reflective of the values of the community while providing quality services.

Q. Who do I contact with my feedback on the website?

A. We at Lee County value your input on how can improve any portion of our web services. Please email our Webmaster with your suggestions.

Q. How often is the site updated?

A. Lee County's website is designed as a Content Management System that enables departmental employees to update content within their department. This allows our organization to operate independently of a web developer which will result in more timely updates (and at a lower cost). The departmental updates will occur at different times per department, however, overall website updates are planned to occur daily.

Q. What platform was your website developed on?

A. Leecountync.gov was developed on DotNetNuke (DNN). DNN is a robust and powerful program that is supported by the open source community. By selecting an open source platform, Lee County is afforded the many advantages of using open source software such as avoiding expensive longterm maintenance and licensing fee contracts as well as participation in peer organization support structures.