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Tax Foreclosure Sales




The below properties are under property tax foreclosure as of February 24, 2017. Lee County contracts out its foreclosure work to Zacchaeus Legal Services. While the Lee County Tax Office makes a diligent effort to provide the most accurate and correct information on these properties, each prospective buyer should employ his or her own resources to verify actual property information. Lee County does not make any representations regarding the below information, these properties, their condition or legal status. This webpage is designed simply to notify the community of upcoming property tax foreclosure sales. For terms of sale, visit


Properties on Foreclosure

Property 1

PIN: 9642-64-6420-00

Address: 1401 Boykin Ave

Property 2

PIN: 9642-76-8286-00

Address: 0 Ashe St

Property 3

PIN: 9623-27-2100-00

Address: 0 Wakefield Rd

Property 4

PIN: 9642-77-3961-00

Address: 612 S Steele St

Property 5 (REDEEMED)

PIN: 9623-44-4565-00

Address: 0 Tempting Church Rd

Property 6

PIN: 9549-17-7784-00

Address: 0 Lemon Springs Rd



To provide the equitable and fair assessment, levy and collection of all taxable property while maintainingquality data and providing excellent customer service.

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