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The following items are accepted for recycling at Lee County’s Convenience Centers:



  • Put cardboard in the specially marked bins.  Please breakdown and flatten all boxes.
  • DO NOT include waxed or oiled cardboard, frozen food boxes, packing material (foam “peanuts”) or wrapping paper.


The following items can be mixed together and put into the same specially marked bin:  

     Newspaper & Magazines

  •  Newspaper with inserts, magazines and catalogs.
  •  DO NOT include any plastic bags or string.

     Mixed Paper & Books

  • Junk Mail, cereal boxes, frozen food boxes, cardboard inserts, hardcover and paperback books, and phone books.
  • DO NOT include corrugated cardboard boxes with co-mingled recyclables. 

     Glass Bottles & Jars

  • Glass food & drink bottles & jars.  Please rinse containers of all contents and remove lids and caps.
  • DO NOT include any light bulbs, ceramics, cookware, dishes, window glass, eye glasses, drinking glasses, mirrors or crystal.

     Cans & Small Metal Items

  • Steel & Aluminum food, beverage, paint  and aerosol cans and pie tins and other small metal items. .  All cans must be empty.  Please rinse out residue.
  • DO NOT include any propane cylinders, eating utensils, batteries, or metal/cardboard containers (juice, oil).

      Plastic Containers

  • Plastic food, beverage & soap containers, plastic flower pots, pails and other small rigid plastic items.
  • Please rinse items.
  • DO NOT include motor oil bottles, anti-freeze bottles, automotive fluid bottles, weed killer bottles, pesticide containers, insecticide containers or styrofoam items.



  • Used motor oil, oil filters, kerosene, crankcase draining, diesel fuel, and hydraulic and transmission fluids can be recycled at all convenience centers. 
  • Please put used motor oil and other fluids in sealed, leak proof containers and pour into properly marked tank.
  • Anti-freeze is also accepted for recycling.  Please do not mix anti-freeze with other automotive fluids.
  • DO NOT mix oil with water, anti-freeze, solvents or gasoline.



  • Lead-acid (automotive) batteries are accepted for recycling at all convenience centers as well as local battery retailers.
  • Rechargeable batteries  and cell phones are accepted for recycling at the following locations:

      Lee County Convenience Centers

      Lee County General Services - 805 S. Fifth Street

      RadioShack - 1055 Spring Lane

      Lowe's - 3015 South Horner Blvd.



  • Computers (Monitors, CPUs, Printers, Keyboards and other attachments) are accepted for recycling at all convenience centers. 
  • Televisions
  • Cell Phones are accepted at all convenience centers for recycling.
  • Ink Jet and Toner Cartridges are accepted at all convenience centers for recycling. 
  • Any household item that has or had an electrical cord.



  • Household Appliances (White Goods) and other metal items are accepted for recycling at all convenience centers.


General Services

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