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Food & Nutrition


Mission Statement


The mission of the Food & Nutrition Program is to provide food stamp benefits to eligible households in Lee County.

Food Stamps – Provides a supplement to low income households/individuals to buy adequate food for proper diets. Households must pass an income and resource test. Allotments are computed based on income, certain household expenses, living arrangements and household size. Eligible households receive an EBT card (debit card) that they use to purchase food.

  • A program, mandated by the Federal Government, which provides a monthly allotment of food assistance via EBT card to eligible households.

  • The program is designed to help “supplement” families that have a gross income that falls below the income scale, which the government has provided, according to household size.

  • Food stamp allotment is based on the household income, size, rent/mortgage, utility bills and other applicable deductions.

How do I apply for the Food & Nutrition Program?

Applications for the Food & Nutrition Program are taken at local county Departments of Social Services in the county in which the household resides. Some counties have Food Stamp outreach offices as well. Persons who live in households consisting only of SSI (Supplestration Office. Please click on the link below to go to the North Carolina Division of Social Services web site to apply for food stamps.


mental Security Income) applicants or recipients may apply for Food Stamp benefits at the Social Security AdminiFor more in-depth information see:


”Applications may also be completed using EPASS (Electronic Pre-assessment Screening Service) by clicking on the link below.”