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Lee County Department of Social Services


Mission Statement


The mission of the Lee County Department of Social Services is to improve the quality of life for Lee County citizens by promoting health and well-being, fostering self-sufficiency, and protecting vulnerable populations.


Message from Director


Welcome to the web site for the Lee County Department of Social Services. I sincerely hope this web site provides useful information about our programs for the benefit of the people within our community and beyond. The mandate of the department is to provide an adequate level of well being for the citizens of Lee County. Under this mandate we provide a variety of human services. For a brief description and list of the services that are available at the Lee County Department of Social Services, click


to download a pamphlet. If you print out this pamphlet, make sure you print it on both sides of the page and fold it along the lines.


Brenda B. Potts


Safe Surrender


What is Safe Surrender? North Carolina’s Safe Surrender law allows an overwhelmed mother to surrender her baby to a responsible adult and walk away. The baby will be adopted. A baby up to 7 days old may be placed with any responsible adult. The baby must be unharmed. Safe surrender is legal and anonymous. Anyone who receives a baby in this way must keep the baby safe and warm, and call 911 or the county social services department immediately. The law is properly called the law to “Decriminalize Abandonment of an Infant.” The law is meant to prevent these babies from being killed or being left unsafely to die. If you have more questions, please go to to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Safe Surrender web page to find out more information. You can also click here to open a PDF file that gives even more information on the Safe Surrender law.

Reports of Child Abuse/Neglect/Dependency

Help us keep the children of Lee County safe! If you believe a child is being abused or neglected by his parent, guardian or caretaker, state law requires that you contact DSS to report the maltreatment. You may provide whatever information you have by telephone, in person, or in writing. You do not have to know all the information about a family. Sometimes, a license tag is all that is required for DSS to identify a family. You do need to provide all the information you have.

Call 919 718-4690 and say that you need to make a CPS report! Or, our office is located at 530 Carthage Street, Sanford, NC 27330.

The agency asks for contact information from reporters so they can be contacted by social workers and so they can receive letters informing them of the status and outcome of the report. However, it is possible for reporters to remain anonymous. It is important for all reporters to know that only a court order allows DSS to reveal the name of a reporter, and this is an extremely rare occurrence.

Reports of Disabled Adults Who Are Abused/Neglected/Exploited

Reports may be made during regular business hours either by telephone contact (919-718-4690) or by a visit to the Department (530 Carthage Street Sanford, NC).

Night, holiday, and weekend reporting may be made through contact with the Sanford Police Department (919-775-8286) and the Lee County Sheriff’s Office (919-718-4560). These agencies are always open and willing to contact our on-call worker. Our worker will contact you regarding your report.

Welfare Fraud

If you suspect welfare fraud by an individual or a business and would like to report it please click the button below.

Report Fraud