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 1.        Everyone must wear a lifejacket at all times while using boats.

2.        All boats must stay within sight of the boathouse.

3.        No ramming, bumping, or capsizing boats will be tolerated.

4.        Stay away from shallow shore, board and depart boats at boatdock only.

5.        No swimming.

6.        No horseplay.

7.        No drinks or snacks allowed per boat.

8.        Only three persons allowed per boat.

9.        No pets.

10.   Stay away from concrete dam area, do not bump boats against dam.

11.   Be careful.

12.   Children under five years old and senior citizens may ride for free of charge.

13.   Have fun!!!

Inform each passenger of above rules prior to departure in boats.  Failure to abide by the above rules can result in loss of boast privileges and a short boat ride! 

Thank you for your cooperation.