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Lee County Parks and Recreation has various shelters, buildings, pools, gymnasiums,and fields to rent throughout the county.  Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at any Lee County facility

Lee County Schools Facility Use Application

Shelters Buildings & Pool Reservation Information

Reservation forms and fees should be received 21 working days prior to event when renting park shelters, buildings, or pools. 

Kiwanis Family Park

Kiwanis Family Park, located at 1800 Wicker Street, features a large meadow with volleyball nets, playground area, greenway, fitness & walking trail, a covered shelter, an uncovered picnic area with 5 picnic tables, and a gazebo. 

Kiwanis Shelter 

Kiwanis Family Park Shelter

The covered shelter has 10 picnic tables that will accommodate 100 people. The shelter features a charcoal grill, electricity and water are available upon request.

Kiwanis Family Park Shelter Fees

Number of People                   Fee                 
100 People or Less         $55.00 (up to 4 hours)       
                                        $100.00 (over 4 hours)        
Over 100 People             $70.00 (up to 4 hours)       
                                       $130.00 (over 4 hours)

Additional $25 fee for non-county residents.       

Kiwanis Gazebo 

Kiwanis Family Park Gazebo

The Gazebo is ideal for weddings or small gatherings.  There are benches under the gazebo (no picnic tables).  The gazebo and grassy area is limited to 50 people.

Kiwanis Family Park Gazebo Fees

Number of People                   Fee                
Limited to 50                  $30.00 (up to 4 hours)    
                                       $50.00(over 4 hours)
Additional $25 fee for non-county residents.      


Buchanan Park
Buchanan Shelter 

Buchanan Park, located at 3100 Cameron Drive, has 5 picnic tables located under the shelter, and accomodates 50 people. There is a grill located at the shelter.   There are 5 additional picnic tables and grills located throughout the park.  There is a playground for small children.  Ballfield may be rented for a separate fee contingent upon on availability.   Water and electricity are not available at this park. 

Horton Shelter 

Horton Shelter

Horton Shelter, located at 1515 Washington Avenue, has 8 picnic tables under the shelter, and accomodates 80 people.  There are grills located at the shelter.  Horton Park also has a picnic area with one table, basketball courts, and a playground area. Ballfield may be rented for a separate fee contingent upon availability. Water and electricity are not available at this park.

KCP Shelter 

Kiwanis Children's Parkplace Shelter

Kiwanis Children’s Parkplace, located at 807 Tryon Street, (corner of Park Avenue & Carthage Street)  has 3 picnic tables under the shelter, and accomodates 30 people.  There is a grill located at the shelter.  Kiwanis Children's Parkplace has playground areas for younger children and 4 tennis courts. Water and electricity are not available at this park.


Shelter Fees For:
Horton, Buchanan, & Kiwanis Children’s Park Place

Number of People                    Fee                 
100 People or Less         $30.00 (up to 4 hours)       
                                       $50.00 (over 4 hours)        
Over 100 People             $40.00 (up to 4 hours)       
                                       $70.00 (over 4 hours) 
Additional $25 fee for non-county residents.       

O. T. Sloan Picnic Area

O. T. Sloan picnic area, located at 1420 Bragg Street, has 10 picnic tables (no shelter) and accommodates up to 100 people.   However, the park can accomodate larger crowds.  Several grills are located within the picnic area.  Water and electricity are available upon request.  The park includes a playground, two ballfields that may be rented for a separate fee based on availability, a disc golf course, horseshoe pits, a volleyball area (near pool), and access to a pool at designated times.

O. T. Sloan Picnic Area Fees

Number of People                  Fee            
100 People or Less        $40.00 (per day)           
Over 100 People            $60.00 (per day) 
Additional $25 fee for non-county residents.          

O.T. Sloan Shelter

O.T. Sloan shelter is located at the tennis center.  This covered shelter has 8 picnic tables and accommodates up to 80 people.  A grill is located at the shelter and restrooms are avilable.  Water and electricity are not available.

O. T. Sloan Shelter Fees

Number of People                    Fee              
100 People or Less        $30.00 (up to 4 hours)      
                                      $50.00 (over 4 hours)       
Over 100 People            $40.00 (up to 4 hours)      
                                      $70.00 (over 4 hours)

Additional $25 fee for non-county residents.        

OT Sloan Pool 

O.T. Sloan Pool

O. T. Sloan Pool is available to rent on Saturay mornings from 9 am - 12 pm, Saturday and Sunday evenings from  6-10 pm June - August.  For more information on pool fees, regulations and available dates  call (919)775-2107 ext. 4201.  Horton Pool is not available to rent.                                                         
Ingram Building

Ingram Center (Dalrymple Park)

Ingram Center, located at 300 Globe Street,  is ideal for wedding receptions, baby showers, meetings, family reunions and can accommodate 100 people.  There are tables (5) and chairs (50) included in the fee, no additional tables or chairs are available to rent.  The building has heat & air conditioning and restroom facilities.  A building supervisor opens, closes, and remains on site during the event.  Park has playground equipment, outdoor basketball courts, and 2 ballfields that are available for rent for an additional fee contingent upon availability.  When scheduling hours please include time to set up, event time, and clean up.

Ingram Center Fees

Number of Hours     Fee                + Supervisor’s Fee*
4 hours                      $100.00             $10.00 per hour
Over 4 hours             $125.00             $10.00 per hour
Non-Resident            $200.00            $10.00 per hour

*Supervisor’s fee during holidays is $15.00 per hour

Company Picnic Information

San-Lee Park and O. T. Sloan Park may be reserved for company picnics.  San-Lee Park can accommodate up to 200 people (parking is limited).  O. T. Sloan Park can accommodate up to 1,000 people. 
Company picnic dates are available on Saturdays during the months of April-October.  For more information call the Parks and Recreation office at 919-775-2107 ext. 4201.
Tennis Courts OT Sloan

Tennis Court Information

Lee County Parks and Recreation has tennis courts at Kiwanis Children’s Parkplace and O. T. Sloan Park.  Lee County Tennis Association offers tennis lessons at O.T. Sloan Park. 
Fee:                                To Be Announced
Program Dates:          To Be Announced
No classes the week of July 4th!           


Athletic Field Information

Fields at American Legion, Dalrymple, Horton, Buchahan, Sloan, Temple and Tramway Road Park are available for rent on a first come, first serve basis and must be reserved at least one week prior to the day desired, and payment received 24 hours in advance.  Lee County Parks and Recreation maintains the option to use the fields year round for the department-sponsored programs. For availability and rental information, contact the Parks and Recreation office 775-2107 ext. 4205.

With/Without Lights                  Fee        
Without lights                     $10.00 per hour        
With lights                          Additional $10.00 per hour      

Gymnasiums & Basketball Courts Information

The Bob E. Hales Center (Old Armory-147 McIver Street) and Wicker Gym (806 Vance Street)  may be rented by contacting the Lee County Parks and Recreation office 24 hours in advance.  All fees must be paid by 3:00 p.m. prior to the day of rental.  Friday - Monday rental fees must be paid before 3:00 p.m. Thursday.  Gyms will be available only for time specified.  Rental fees are non-refundable.  For availability and rental information, contact the Parks & Recreation office at 919-775-2107 Ext. 4201.

Gymnasium Rental Fees

    Rental Fees:                              
    $45.00 for 2 hours min. (county)         
    $35.00 per hour (non-county)
Outdoor basketball courts are available on a first-come-first serve basis at Dalrymple Park, Horton Park, and at Lee County Arts and Community Center.  

San-Lee Park Facility Rentals 

San-Lee Park, located at 572 Pumping Station Road, offers rental facilities for family reunions, weddings, meetings and company picnics.  Reservation forms and fees should be received 21 working days prior to event when renting facilities.  San-Lee Park features nature, bike, and walking trails, fishing, camping, seasonal pabbleboat rentals, a nature center, and a playground for children.  Also, there are grills and picnic tables located throughout the park.    Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at any Lee County facility.  You may call the main office (919-775-2107 ext. 4252) to rent these facilities.
SLP Pavilion

San Lee Park Shelter

The shelter has 13 picnic tables (seats 100+ people), 2 charcoal grills, a horseshoe pit and volleyball court.  A volleyball kit and horseshoes are included in the rental fee.  Water and electricity hook ups are available at the shelter.
                                 San-Lee Park Shelter Fees
Number of People
100 People or Less          $60.00 (up to 4 hours)        
                                         $110.00 (over 4 hours)          
Over 100 People               $75.00 (up to 4 hour           
                                         $140.00 (over 4 hours) 
Additional $25 fee for non-county residents.        

Multi-Purpose Room


Multi-Purpose Room Fee is $150/day < 4 hours  for county residents
                                                    $25 additional fee per hour over 4 hours
                                                  $250/day <4 hours for non-county residents
                                                  $25 additional fee per hour over 4 hours
SLP Meadow


The meadow is a large open outdoor space located across the meadow creek.  This area is ideal for weddings, church services, and company picnic activities.  No chairs or tables at site.
Meadow fee is $40/day for county residents - $65/day for non-county residents.


This is a small outdoor theater with wooden benches.  It is located next to the lake and has a great view!  It seats approximately 50 people.
Amphitheater Fee is $25/day. 


2303 Tramway Road
PO Box 1968
Sanford, NC  27331

Phone (919)775-2107

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5 pm



Due to Fire Damage
San-Lee Park Nature Center and
Temporarily CLOSED