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The mission of Lee County Strategic Services is to coordinate and support the development and maintenance of a county-wide geographic information system (GIS).

  • INTERACTIVE MAPPING Access GIS through an interactive portal. Query parcels, owners, water and sewer lines, elevation, flood plain, zoning, traffic counts, school boundaries, commissioner districts, council wards, annexation history, brownfield sites, voluntary agriculture distircts, sidewalks, corporate limits, historic districts, census data, soils, mineral rights, oil & gas leases, 50 + layers.

  • Download GIS Layers All data available for download is in ESRI Shapefile, ESRI Coverage, or DXF format. Aerial Photography is geo-referenced MrSID compressed images. Metadata included.

  • Map Gallery Most frequently requested maps available in PDF. Includes NC House Districts 51 and 54, Endor Greenway Trail, Lee Co commissioner districts, Sanford council wards, voter precincts, zoning, Lee Co Open Space and Recreation Initiative.

  • Sales Data Sales in Microsoft EXCEL format January 2001 through December 2017. ESRI shape files for sales from January 2007 through December 2017. Plus New Web Mapping Application for QUALIFIED SALES.

  • WEB MAPS Special web mapping applications for Elections, OT Sloan Park Concept Plan, Qualified Sales, Council Ward Address and Police Beats locators, and Emergency Management.

  • Fun Downloads Short AVI's of data in 3D. Includes Lee Co median income, traffic counts and an anaglyph.


Don Kovasckitz, Director dkovasckitz@leecountync.gov

Renee Scott, Land Records Tech rscott@leecountync.gov

William Cannady, GIS Specialist wcannady@leecountync.gov

Gene Hathaway, GIS Specialist phathaway@leecountync.gov

Jeannatte Rosser, GIS Specialist jnrosser@leecountync.gov


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